After gaining experience in developing Internet and mobile products, Dynomind decided to provide other companies with a much-needed service – a team of experienced developers, including a team leader, who will build a software project for them from A to Z.


Many companies find themselves facing a one-to-one, 3-9 month software project – but simply fail to recruit the right people to actually execute it. As a result, development and business goals are compromised while waiting until the project is finally completed.

A company concludes that in order to improve the product, expand an area of ​​activity or add a feature, “it needs to embark on a short-term project, but it does not have employees with the required expertise,” demonstrates Eyal Moore, Tech Lead at Dynomind, a company that specializes in software projects for companies. He said, “When it comes to a short period of time, it is very difficult to recruit a professional and experienced team because the good developers prefer to work in large companies or startups, and do not want to get into a project of a few months”.

“Another option is of course to look for freelancers who will do the work. There are excellent freelancers in the software market – but they usually work alone. Once the project grows and the need for more programmers arises, there is a problem of synchronization and coordination between all freelancers”.

“Here we enter the picture. Our goal is to provide an efficient development team, which communicates well with the company and among itself, and allows it to launch projects and get a quality result – without bothering with management and recruitment of developers”.

Do you provide customers with a developer team only, or also a team manager?

“Our team always includes a team leader, and 2-4 developers – as needed. It is important to emphasize that these are teams that already have experience working together on previous projects, and they know how to synchronize well – and work collaboratively towards the goal”.

How is the interface between your team and the company that ordered the service?

“The team manager is responsible for the direct relationship with the company. He is the one who learns what the customer’s business and technological needs are, in order to assimilate them in the developers’ work. In a format similar to a startup – we have a team that is formed to perform a specific task, with a common focus and a uniform pace”.

What is the difference between working with your team and working with a freelance team?

“In the field of freelancers, there is a known problem of abandoning projects after a few months – due to mental fatigue or lack of connection to the project. In such cases, the company again has to find an outsider to take on the project. They will have to re-study it in depth and the result is a lot of knowledge and time lost and great frustration given the extra work they have to invest”.

“We bring to the company a focused action team, a team leader and developers who are used to working together, and have a sense of commitment to the project. It’s true that at the end of the day it is just work, but if you spend a few hours a day working hard on a project. Then it will succeed”.

What is your payment model?

“In most software houses, you pay a Fixed price. With us, however, the model is Cost +. That is, the cost is derived from the actual development hours. This model allows maximum flexibility, without the risk that customers will pay more than they received, and in addition, they can navigate the project as they wish and make changes that will serve their business”.

“Another advantage of this model is that developers anticipate problems they see in the project at an early stage – since they are the ones who can predict faults that are about to occur. The result is that the customer gets a focused work infrastructure, just like with regular employees  with all the costs included”.

What about special projects, such as those involving artificial intelligence?

“In projects that incorporate AI, we typically provide the technology infrastructure, and the company’s internal team deals with the algorithms themselves. That way they can move faster in the areas where they specialize, and we provide the web and technology infrastructure”.

Who is your service suitable for?

“Our target audience is mainly companies that already have business operations, and they need assistance in developing technological tools that will support the company’s operations in a limited period of time, without requiring the complexity of employing programmers directly. The program staff is external, but the team manager on our behalf, makes sure that the whole team understands the goal and is connected to it”.

What is required of the customer?

“The company that invites us needs to know where it wants to go. Once there is a clear business goal, all that is left is for us to carry out the technological application. It requires work, but it is almost always possible. “Sometimes they come at earlier stages, and then they work with our characterization team or an external team, depending on the needs”.

How it all began?

“We have been operating in the Internet and mobile fields for 12 years. In the beginning, we built several Internet products for us, without external financing (bootstrap) , some of which work in the background. The process we went through as a company brought us insight that gave us experience and knowledge in all product stages. That’s how we realized we had something to offer companies that need a  project done, but do not have the appropriate manpower to do it. In recent years, this has been the core of our activity – and the team has grown accordingly”.

Who are your employees?

“We make sure to recruit experienced programmers and product people. Over the years we have learned that our customers want and need to move forward quickly – but without sacrificing quality and accuracy. For us as a company, it is much easier to provide what is needed with a professional and experienced team. It is important for us to deliver the goods on time – and to do everything possible so that the customer reaches the goals he has set.”